So here we have my music production projects.
There're 2 main projects, GRAVITI and Sonny M, both of which were created out of my love for music, and finally some other pieces I have created for various videos and projects for people and companies
I've worked with. 



Here's my personal project, Sonny M. I used to be into Trance music (as you'll probably hear), and it's here where I learnt the ins & outs of music production and production techniques.

It's actually thanks to music production I was able to grasp design and exert creativity that way, and eventually man-handle it into a day job. 

So here's a couple of pieces I did for some remix competitions, I came runner up for Hellberg's The Girl. 

GRAVITI is a project to explore new music production styles (basically – not trance) and gain a better understanding of music production within other genres.

Also, the A&V in GRAVITI represent up and down arrows, for 'what goes up, must come down', Isaac Newton's famous quote on – gravity!


Various Audio

Below are some pieces I've created over my design career as part of projects involving video and motion graphics that require background music or sound design.