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The "Mech" in Mechvisual originates from a prominent background in engineering. The company was founded by Veer Chuckowree, alongside a group of tight-knit students earning their Masters in Mechanical Engineering. Mechvisual not only has expertise in Video Production, but also numerous years of experience in the automotive, aerospace, oil & gas, and software engineering industry,

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Having been responsible for taking numerous vehicle projects to a successful 5 star EuroNCAP outcome, Mechvisual has expertise in managing the performance strategy and testing required for delivering vehicles to the market.

We are pioneering crash analysis techniques by developing custom programmed DIAdem plugins for automating the data validation, analysis, and report generation for impact tests.

Mechvisual has developed its proficiency in European regulation and new car assessment programs throughout multiple years of experience. We can confidently develop new and scrutinize existing internal development protocols to minimize risk in development and homologation practices.​



Our background in the Oil & Gas industry consists of the CAE riser analysis covering strength, first and second-order fatigue, VIV, and interference using Flexcom, Shear 7, and OrcaFlex software with self-constructed FEA models in drilling, marine, and open water modes. 

We have collaborated with numerous clients such as BP, Shell, and Tullow to deliver wellhead and conductor failure analysis reports written up to strict QHSE ISO9001 standards.

Without our skills in project management, Mechvisual couldn't have consistently achieved the strict budget and timing requirements set by clients, especially during the 2015 oil price crash.


In order to withstand the rigorous stresses during launch via acceleration and vibration, as well as heat management during orbit, satellite structures must go through rigorous CAE analysis consisting of thousands of load cases.

Mechvisual has directed and executed the creation of in-house simulation management software, autonomously handling the entire satellite structure analysis processes from load case setup to engineering report.

Using a combination of VB.NET and Shell Scripting, we have provided automated management of NASTRAN solvers on remote Linux servers, SQL databases, and other pre/post-processing applications such as MathCAD, MATLAB, and in-house software using their respective API's. Our solution has successfully competed with external management software packages provided by Siemens, Dassault Systémes, MSC, and Altair.

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Software Development from a Mechanical Engineering Background

Mechvisual has always had a strong focus on implementing our software development capabilities in the mechanical engineering environment. We have developed complex solutions to enable the complete management of the analysis process in the automotive and aerospace industry. Our deep understanding of both software development and the mechanical engineering analysis process has allowed us to efficiently and accurately deliver game-changing results.







Crash safety in the engineering sector requires the testing of dummy injury performance, which consists of large data sets. Our bespoke analysis tool development capabilities allow for the complete automation of analysis, with the added benefit of automatically generated reports with quality and consistency.

The CAE analysis process consists of numerous trivial tasks where data is input, number crunching is performed, and the output presented in a format which engineers can interpret well. What would usually be a time consuming task with room for potential human error is significantly streamlined with our bespoke automation software.

At the forefront of electric vehicle development, we have used MATLAB & Simulink to program and test the ideal gear selections and front/rear axle motor torque distributions for a four-wheel-drive fully electric vehicle using two-speed-transmissions.

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SURTES - Scarlett 2013

Mechvisual had the pleasure of working in a team of 7 specialists whilst managing a group of 8 drivetrain engineers. This project really fueled our passion for working in a tightly bonded team and watch our hard work materialize into a competitive racecar on Silverstone's challenging circuit.

  • Developed a race car simulation model in MATLAB Simulink which was used to optimize vehicle gearing and supply critical data to other members of the team.

  • Designed and tested specialized drivetrain components in Solid Edge and ANSYS.

  • Appointed Project Manager, responsible for resource scheduling and on-time project completion.

0-60 mph in 2.5 seconds

0-75 metres in 3.7 seconds

Vehicle Mass of 154 kg

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Whilst you may think Mechvisual's Engineering and Videography background are completely separate from each other, it was thanks to skills in both these fields that won us numerous awards in enterprise competitions.

During his time at university, the founder of Mechvisual (Veer Chuckowree) had taken numerous opportunities to demonstrate his ability in both Videography & Engineering with competitive pitches for potential business ideas. It was actually throughout these successful competitions where Mechvisual transitioned from being a hobby into a professional business. Here is a list of the awards we achieved:

  • MechForum - Santander Entrepreneurship Award - £10,000 prize

  • Squash TrackIT - Engineering Enterprise Award - £2,000 prize

  • Guitar Pro - Pitch for Projects Award - £1,000 prize

  • Formula Student - Multi-Disciplinary Design Project Award - £100 prize

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University of Surrey - MechForum
University of Surrey - Squash TrackIT
University of Surrey - Guitar Pro
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